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Water Features

Water Features

Backyard Waterfall (By pool)—This natural solid granite stone waterfall with massive water volume provides a soothing water backdrop to this resort-style backyard.

Backyard Fountain 2 (By master sitting area window)—Hummingbirds love this modern matching cantera stone fountain which falls gently into a small fresh water pond area and can be seen and heard from the master sitting area.

Inside 20’ curved water wall—This dramatic water feature is unbelievable! In fact, the company that built it had never designed or installed one in a residential setting before this.

The unique energy this provides the entire home can be felt the moment you walk through the main entryway doors. Water rushes down each side and then recirculates with organic precision. Fiber optic lights are installed overhead for even more drama during the evening hours.

It is truly awe-inspiring and every guest that enters will be impressed by its beauty and elegance. Your air will be cleaner, and the owners of this home believe this unique feature has created prosperity and success for the family. Think “feng shui” living with a Tuscan modern fusion.

Front courtyard waterfall w/drop pond connected to the east side sitting area provides that trickle sound of peacefulness for a change of pace.

Front courtyard waterfall w/connected drop pond provides an intermediate feeling and sound of falling water.